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Now the registration process can be simpler than ever at your Agency and online. 

  • Flexible payment options
  • Automatic early bird, group, and sibling discounts
  • Scholarships, adjustments, promotion codes, and third party payments
  • Waitlists with or without required deposits
  • Deposit payment plans with drafted installments
  • Add-on classes and stock items such as before and after care or transportation
  • Electronic form attachment for member records
  • Automatic member rate application for classes purchased with memberships
  • Required class prerequisites
  • Priority registration for existing customers

Other functions include

  • Bus route tracking
  • Camp medical history tracking
  • Session copying tools
  • Spreadsheet-based program data update utility
  • Support for ECE/Child Care check-in
  • Consolidated Child Care tax statements
  • A/R statements grouped by area (Program, Camp, Child Care, ECE)

Our solution takes the hassle out of organizing your program logistics.